What is JOLT Digest?

The JOLT Digest is the online companion to the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology (JOLT). It is intended to serve as a one-stop source of legal news to professors, practitioners, law students, and the general public on issues at the intersection of law and technology.

The Digest features short articles on new, precedential, or interesting cases; new legislation; administrative developments of note; and other interesting happenings. By applying JOLT’s traditionally high editing standards to the Digest, we create a uniquely useful and trustworthy resource.

Do you conform with the Oxford Comma?

Yes. Read more here.

Meet the editing team!

Contributors write the Report articles for JOLT Digest and also suggest sources of online commentary that can be linked from Digest articles.

Report Editors supervise the Contributors. Report Editors are responsible for editing article drafts and adding additional relevant materials.

Subject Matter Coordinators (Mindy Nam and Stella Mao) assign topics to Contributors and Report Editors on their subject matter teams. Assignments include the topic and links to sources that help Contributors to understand the issue and links to relevant online commentary.

Digest Content Editors (Brian Kulp and Phillip Takhar) take the lead on seeing Digest Student Notes and Comments from submission to publication. This involves back-and-forth on substantive edits with the authors to make sure their pieces meet Digest standards.

Digest Submissions Editor (Wendy Chu) oversees and assists the Coordinators to generate topics and schedule assignments, coordinates the assignment process, provides a final layer of editing for entries, upload posts into WordPress, and ensure that the entries remain up-to-date as new developments occur.

Digest Executive Editor (Peter Zhu) supervises the Digest Content Editor and other Digest team members, creates the Digest publication schedule, and provides an additional layer of editing for entries.